Monsters and Mythical Creatures

Heraldry is replete with several instances of monsters, mostly drawn from classical and medieval mythology but with the occasional variation inspired by heraldic imagination. Some, like the heraldic tiger and antelope have different attributes which distinguish them from their natural counterpart. The main heraldic monsters and creatures are the following:

Agacella,  Amphiptère,   Amphisien Cockatrice,  Heraldic Antelope, Apre

Bagwyn,  Baphomet,  Basilisk

Calopus,  Cameleopard,  Camelopard,  Cameleopardel, Camelopardel,  Centaur,  Chatloup,  Chimæra,  Cockatrice

Dragon, Dragonné, Enfield

Griffin, Griffon, Gryfin, Gryphon,  Griffon-Male, Harpy,  Hippogriff

Hydra, Ibex

 Lindworm,  Lion Poisson,  Liver-bird

Male Griffon,  Melusine,  Mermaid,  Merman,   Morse,  Musimon

 Neptune,  Opinicus

Panther,  Pegasus,   Phoenix,   Python

Sagittarius,   Sagittary,   Salamander,   Satyr,  Sea-Dog,  Sea-Horse,  Sea Lion, Sea-Wolf, Sphinx, Syren

  Triton,  Tyger


Wivern, or Wyvern, Yale