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A special device to indicate the different members of the same family or the collateral branches of the same house.

The Marks of Cadency, (Fr.Brisure sometimes misspelt Brizure), or Differences are as follows:

1. Label * The eldest son (during the lifetime of his father)
2. Crescent The second son
3. Mullet The third son
4. Martlet The fourth son
5. Annulet The fifth son
6. Fleur-de-lis The sixth son
7. Rose The seventh son
8. Cross Moline The eighth son
9. Octofoil The ninth son

*(of 3 points)

The first son of the eldest son may charge his label with a label, and the second with a crescent; the eldest son of the second son may similarly charge his crescent with a label and so on.

Royal cadency is marked exclusively with a label.