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Three databases have been used in compiling the above genealogies.

The first consists of families in Malta, France and Sicily which have been researched from original sources or by qualified genealogists. These sources consist of parish or municipal records dating back to the mid 16th Century. Sources before the 16th Century are national archives containing notarial and court records in Malta, France, Sicily and Naples.

Original documents are gradually being reproduced on this website. The  first of these may be viewed in Heraldic Tables, specifically under Jacques de la Court, Seigneur de la Berthonnière and  Federico II, King of Sicily.

The second database is linked to the first through Ferrante, King of Naples and Federico II, King of Sicily, whose ancestries has been compiled from historical records and the generally accepted works of Royal genealogists.

The third is more speculative. Its core still lies in the other two databases but has been augmented by information taken from such standard Genealogical reference books as the Almanach de Gotha and Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels with additional material from Internet sources.