Bariatinsky (Boriatinsky): БAΡЯΤИНСКЙ

Russian royalty was always winning the attention of the public; even today, we still are curious about the great dynasties. We can see their impact on the most unexpected places, like online casinos. The most prominent gambling establishments seem to enjoy the Russian glamour and royal elegance by offering some of the best royalty-themed slots games. You will meet some of the most influential rulers as titles at aside with the most rewarding royalty bonuses. Take a free spin on the entertaining side of Russian history. The Bariatinsky family is descended from Rurik, the founder of the Royal House …

The Royal Lineage of HSH Leonida Princess Bagration of Mukhrani


In 1797 Emperor Paul I of Russia promulgated fundamental Laws regulating the succession to the throne. With subsequent additions by his successors, these laws required that succession to the Imperial throne passed by primogeniture to the senior male dynast with the proviso that, upon the death of the last male dynast of the House of Romanoff-Holstein-Gottorp, the succession would pass to his nearest female relative. A strict and unequivocal rule was also introduced to determine who could be regarded a dynast. A dynast had to contract an equal marriage with a member of another royal or sovereign house in …

Bagration of Mukhrani

Quarterly per cross or:

  1. Gu in fess a sling shot and harp of David all of the first;
  2. Az  a sceptre crossing a sword in saltire, in chief an orb all of the first;
  3. Az the scales of Themida of the first;
  4. Gu mounted St George slaying a dragon all ppr contourné;

Overall an inescutcheon gu charged with the tunic of Our Lord arg.

The shield surmounted by the royal crown of Georgia and supported by two lions rampant or…

Trubetskoy (Troubetskoy): ΤΡУБЕЦКОЙ

The Princes Trubetskoy

The family of the Counts Trubetskoy is descended from Gediman, the Great Prince of Lithuania. The genealogy of the Princes of Polotsk and of Lithuania as described in the Barkhatnaia Kniga (Velvet Book) and in other genealogy books, holds that Gediman (or Ediman) was descended from the Grand Prince of Russia Vladimir Sviatoslavich, the Christianiser of Russia, who placed his son, Iziaslav, to rule Polotsk. From him are descended the Princes of Polotsk and of Lithuania. The fourth son of the Grand Prince Gediman of Lithuania, Olgerd, had a second son named Prince Dmitri Trubetskoy, from whom …

Heraldry of the Hereditary Commanders

The arms depicted here represent the shield of a Hereditary Commander of the Order of St John, augmented with a white cross in chief and superimposed on a Maltese cross, the whole encircled by the collar of the Order with its pendant. Engravings of the full achievement with crest and supporters, where applicable, of each family are also reproduced on each page.

Complete List of Hereditary Commanders

Russian Grand Priory

Hereditary Family Commanders in the reign of Paul I
Mr. Léon NARYSHKINE (Naryshkin)
Prince Nicolas de YOUSSOUPOFF (Yusupov)
Prince Boris de YOUSSOUPOFF (Yusupov)
Count Nicholas CHÉRÉMETEFF