The Princes Trubetskoy

The family of the Counts Trubetskoy is descended from Gediman, the Great Prince of Lithuania. The genealogy of the Princes of Polotsk and of Lithuania as described in the Barkhatnaia Kniga (Velvet Book) and in other genealogy books, holds that Gediman (or Ediman) was descended from the Grand Prince of Russia Vladimir Sviatoslavich, the Christianiser of Russia, who placed his son, Iziaslav, to rule Polotsk. From him are descended the Princes of Polotsk and of Lithuania. The fourth son of the Grand Prince Gediman of Lithuania, Olgerd, had a second son named Prince Dmitri Trubetskoy, from whom are descended the Trubetskoy family. They served the Russian Throne as Boyars and in other distinguished positions and were granted fiefdoms and hereditary estates. Several Princes Trubetskoy over the centuries gained fame for their family with their heroic deeds and service to the Fatherland, both military and civil. They were decorated with Orders and rewarded with other tokens of the Monarchs’ favour.

Genealogy of 1st Hereditary Commander

 Prince Alexei Yureivich Trubetskoy, *1700, +1776; m.Anna Lvovna Naryshkin (*1704, +18.9.1776)

  • A1. Prince Ivan Alexeivich; m.Maria Antonovna Ananiev (*15.7.1740 +15.2.1805)
    • B1. Prince Alexei Ivanovich, +3.2.1813; m.Yevdokia Semyonovna Guriev (*1784 +19.3.1871) (her second husband, Osip Bovet, was a famous architect, who built the Bolshoi Theatre and the Kremlin Manezh in Moscow, +16.6.1834)
      • C1. Prince Ivan Alexeivich, m.1829 Varvara Ustinovna Potapov
        • D1. Prince Alexei Ivanovich, m.Elena Bibikova
          • E1. Prince Nikolai Alexeivich, *Tsaritsyn 20.11.1892, +Crimea 1920; m.22.5.1919 Varvara Pavlovna Popova
        • D2. Prince Nikolai, *1839, +12.2.1896; m.Vera Vladimirovna Morozov (+1890)
          • E1. Prince Alexander, *10.1.1862, +1916
          • E2. Prince Nikolai, *2.11.1867, +5.4.1949; m.Dresden 20.2.1905 Ekaterina Mikhailovna Mussin-Pushkin (*St.Petersburg 19.7.1884, +Nice 25.4.1972)
            • F1. Prince Yury, *12.12.1905, +1992; m.Detroit 13.9.1949 Mary Stranahan (*1916 +1974)
            • F2. Prince Igor, *Paris 23.8.1912; 1m: Chur, Switzerland 1.5.1947 (div 1951) Barbara Hutton (*New York 14.11.1912, +Los Angeles 11.5.1979); 2m: Paris 16.4.1976 Christiane Murat
          • E3. Prince Ivan, *1871
          • E4. Prince Alexei, *1874
        • D3. Prince Alexander
          • E1. Prince Alexander, *1868, +20.3.1918
      • C2. Prince Alexander; m.Natalya Petrovna Shenshina
      • C3. Prince Mikhail, *14.2.1802, +15.4.1804
      • C4. Princess Mariya; m.Aleksej Ivanovich Davydov
      • C5. Princess Elisaveta, *15.1.1810, +17.2.1829
    • B2. Princess Ekaterina, *25.10.1767, +27.6.1804; m.Ivan Mikhailovich Volynsky


  •  A2. Prince Sergei Alexeivich, +1782; m.Pss Elena Vasilievna Nesvizky (*1746 +XI.1831),  daughter of Prince Vasilij Fedorovich Nieswicki by Bogdana Ivanovna Mushakova
    • B1. Prince Alexei Sergeievich, brigadir, +1789
    • B2. Prince Vasili  Sergeievich

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