The family of the Counts Sheremetev is descended from Andrei Ivanovich, called Kobyla. Andrei Ivanovich Kobyla was descended from the Prussian King Veidevut, whose older brother, King Pruteno, in the year 305 A.D. abdicated his Throne and became a priest and idol worshipper as indicated by the sacred oak tree of the ancient Prussian capital depicted on the coat of arms. King Veidevut divided his kingdom among his twelve sons. A descendant of the fourth son Nedron, the ruler of Sudovia, Samogitia, and other lands, Glanda Kambila Divonovich, was worn down by battles against the Knights of the Cross and finally defeated by them, and he departed for Russia together with his son and a large number of his subjects to serve the Great Prince Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky. After baptism he was given the name Ioann, and his son, Andrei Ioannovich, was called in common language Kobyla. From him are descended the following families: Sukhovo-Kobylin, Romanov, Sheremetev, Kolychev, Yakovlev, and many others. This founder of distinguished families was held in exceptional esteem by the Great Prince of Moscow, Simeon Ioannovich, and when the ruler became affianced to the daughter of Prince Alexander of Tver, Andrei Ivanovich, as the person closest to him, rode to Tver to accompany the bride. This Andrei Ivanovich had a great-great-grandson, Andrei Konstantinovich Sheremet, whose descendants, the Sheremetev family, served the Russian Throne in the position of Boyar and in other very distinguished positions, and they were granted hereditary estates and other fiefdoms and tokens of the Monarchs’ favour. The son of Boyar Pyotr Vasilievich Sheremetev, Boris Petrovich, in the same way, being a General-Field Marshal, gained immortal fame for his family on most important occasions by his great victories and labours undertaken for the benefit of the Fatherland. In 1698, Peter the Great sent a delegation to Malta under Boyar Boris Petrovich Sheremetev, to observe the training and abilities of the Knights of Malta and their fleet. Sheremetev also investigated the possibility of future joint ventures with the Knights, including action against the Turks and the possibility of a future Russian naval base. In 1706 Boris Petrovich Sheremetev was granted the rank of Count of the Russian Empire by Peter the Great.


Sheremetev Genealogy

1. Count Nikolai Sheremetev, 1st Hereditary Commander *c.1760 +?

1.1. Count Alexei Nikolaievich, 2nd Hereditary Commander  *c.1800 +?

1.1.1.Count Sergei Alexeievich, 3rd Hereditary Commander  (c.1844-?) General sometime Viceroy of the Caucasus and ADC General to the Emperor of Russia

         m. Princess Evdokia Borisovna, Maid of Honour, daughter of Prince Boris         

        Dmitrievich Galitzin, ADC General to the Emperor of Russia Count Boris Sergeievich, 4th Hereditary Commander  *St Petersburg 8 Jan 1871 o.s. +Paris 17 Apr 1952

         m. 23 Oct 1899 o.s.Princess Elizabeth Bagration of Mukhrani *Tiflis, 14 Apr

        1880 o.s. Maid of Honour to the Empress of Russia dsp Count Dmitri Sergeievich (right), 5th Hereditary Commander  *c.1873+?

                m  Irina Illarionovna Vorontsova-Dashkova *2 Dec 1872+1 Mar 1959 Countess Praskovia Dmitrievna *1901 +1980

                m. Prince Roman Petrovich Romanov *1896 +?/ Count Nikolai Dmitrievich, 6th and last Hereditary Commander  *1904 +1979

                m. Irina Felixovna Yusupova *1915 +1983

This family became extinct with the death Count Nikolai Dmitrievich in 1979