The Princes Dolgoruky

The son of the Grand Prince St Vladimir Sviatoslavich, the Christianiser of Russia, the Grand Prince Yaroslav Vladimirovich, promoted his son, Vsevolod, who had a son, Prince Vladimir Monomakh. His son, as shown in Russian history, the Grand Prince of Russia, Yury Vladimorovich, called Dolgoruky, during the time of his passage from Kiev to Vladimir was the first to effect the renovation of Moscow which had fallen into neglect from the time of its founding by the Great Prince Oleg, the guardian of Igor, and he transformed it into a prominent city naming it Moscow after its original name. From the third son of the aforementioned Grand Prince Yaroslav Vladimirovich, the Grand Prince Sviatoslav Yaroslavich, whose father had set him to rule Chernigov, are descended the Princes of Chernigov, and from them is descended the family of the Princes Dolgoruky. In the genealogy of the Princes of Chernigov it is shown that the great-great-great-grandson of this Grand Prince Sviatoslav Yaroslavich, the Grand Prince St Mikhail Vsevolodovich of Chernigov, had five sons. One of his sons, Prince Yury, called Torusky and Obolenskoy, had a son, Konstantin Yurevich Obolenskoy, who promoted his son, Prince Andrei, the father of Prince Ivan Dolgoruky, whose descendants, the Princes Dolgoruky, served in various positions as Boyars and in other distinguished posts and were granted fiefdoms and hereditary estates.

1. Prince Ivan Andreievich “Dolgoruky” (c1460-?) (A direct descendant of Rurik)

1.1. Prince Vladimir Ivanovich Dolgoruky (c1486-?)

1.1.1. Prince Semen Vladimirovich Dolgoruky (c1520-?) Prince Andrei Semeniev Dolgoruky (c1550-?) Prince Ivan Andreievich Dolgoruky “Shiban” (c1580-?) Prince Fyodor Ivanovich Dolgoruky (c1610-?) Prince Grigor Fyodorovich Dolgoruky (c1640-?) Prince Alexis Grigoriev Dolgoruky (c1670-?) Prince Ivan Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1708-1739) Prince Alexis Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1716-1792) Prince Ivan Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1740-?) with issue (extinct) Prince Pavel Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1742-?) with issue (extinct) Prince Alexis Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1775-1834) Prince Rotislav Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1805-1849) with issue (extinct) Prince Yuri Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1807-1882) with issue (extinct) Prince Sergei Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1809-1891) m.1833 Countess Maria Alexandrovna Apraxin (1816-1892) Princess Alexandra Sergeievna Dolgoruky (1834-1919) m. Piotr Pavlovich Albedinsky (with issue) Princess Margarita Sergeievna Dolgoruky (1839-1912) m. Alexis Alexandrovich Stenbock-Fermor (with issue) Prince Nikolai Sergeievich Dolgoruky (1840-1913) Prince Alexander Sergeievich Dolgoruky (1841-1912) m. 1868 Countess Olga Petrovna Shuvalov (1848-1927) Princess Maria Alexandrovna Dolgoruky (1869-1949) m. 1889 Prince Yuri Ivanovich Trubetskoy (with issue) Princess Sophia Alexandrovna Dolgoruky (1870-1957) m. 1893 Count Nikolai Pavlovich Fersen (with issue) Prince Sergei Alexandrovich Dolgoruky (1872- 1933 Paris) m. Irena Vassilievna Naryshkin (1879-1917) Hereditary Commander (recognised by the 1928 Paris Group) Princess Olga Sergeievna Dolgoruky (1915- ) m. 1939 Sir Evan Frederick Morgan Princess Olga Alexandrovna Dolgoruky (1873-1946) (with issue)

m. 1892 Prinz Dietrichstein zu Nicolsburg, Graf von Mensdorff-Pouilly Prince Piotr Alexandrovich Dolgoruky (1883- 1925 Neuilly-sur-Seine) Hereditary Commander

m. [1] 1903 (div) Countess Sophia Alexandrovna Bobrinskoy

                                                                        m. [2] 1912 Anna Leontievna Mikhailov [ex 1] Princess Sophia Petrovna Dolgoruky (1907-1994) m. [1] 1931 (div) Lev Lvovich Zinoviev (with issue)

m. [2] 1937 Grey d’Estoteville Townsend Skipworth, 11th Baronet (with issue) [ex 2] Prince Nikita Petrovich Dolgoruky (b. c1914) Hereditary Commander Prince Alexander Nikitich Dolgoruky (b. c1944) [ex 2] Princess Marina Petrovna Dolgoruky (1912-1996) m. Vladimir Borzenko [ex 2] Prince Piotr Petrovich Dolgoruky (disappeared) [ex 2] Prince Alexander Petrovich Dolgoruky (1919-1998 Forges-les-Eaux) m. 1941 Vera Kostantinovna de Butzow Prince Nikita Alexandrovich Dolgoruky (b.13.8.1943 Neuilly-sur-Seine, 92 France)

m. 1973 (Paris) Hélène MT de Maigret (b.13.9.1949)       Princess Mélisande Nikititchna Dolgoruky (b.1.2.1975 Paris 15me) Princess Marina Nikititchna Dolgoruky (1976-1976) Prince Yuri Nikititch Dolgoruky (b.2.9.1977 Boulogne-sur-Seine 92, France) Prince Alexander (Pierre) Alexandrovich Dolgoruky (b.22.3.1945 Paris 14me)

m. 1970 (Paris 5me) Marie Christine Miara Princess Tatiana Alexandrovna Dolgoruky (b.22.5.1970 Paris 18me) Prince Mattieu Alexandrovich Dolgoruky (b.20.6.1974 Les Sables d’Olonne 85, France)                              [ex 2] Princess Olga Petrovna Dolgoruky (1921-1942) [ex 2] Prince Sergei Petrovich Dolgoruky (1922- ?) m. 1946 Madeleine Hélène Chollet Prince Nikita Sergeievich Dolgoruky (1947-1999) m. 1969 Claudine Mélanie Vienne (with female issue) Princess Margarita Alexandrovna Dolgoruky (1883-1884) Princess Barbara Alexandrovna Dolgoruky (1885-1980)  m. 1906 Nikolai Vassilievich Kochubey (with issue) Princess Barbara Sergeievna Dolgoruky (1844-1865) Prince Alexis Sergeievich Dolgoruky (1846-1915) m. 1898 Fanny Fleetwood Wilson (without issue) Prince Dimitri Sergeievich Dolgoruky (1850-1886) (without issue) Princess Maria Sergeievna Dolgoruky (1846-1936) m. 1863 Pr. Andrei Vassilievich Dolgoruky (issue assassinated 1918) Princess Anna Sergeievna Dolgoruky (c1848-bef 1920) m. c. 1867 Prince Nikolai Ivanovich Saltykov (with issue) Princess Seraphima Sergeievna Dolgoruky (1859-1868) Prince Grigor Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1811-1856) with issue (extinct) Prince Alexis Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1818-) with issue (extinct) Prince Nikolai Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1820-1883) with issue Prince Dimitri Alexeievich Dolgoruky (1825-1909) with issue (extinct) Prince Alexander Alexeievich Dolgoruky (c1725-?) with issue

1.2. Prince Fyodor Ivanovich Dolgoruky (c1488) [extinct 1814]

1.3. Prince Timofel Ivanovich Dolgoruky (c1490-?)

1.3.1. Prince Ivan Timofeliev Dolgoruky (c.1520-?) Prince Grigor Ivanovich Dolgoruky “Chort” (c1550-?) Prince Alexis Grigoriev Dolgoruky (c. 1580-1646) Prince Yuri Alexeivich Dolgoruky (c1608-1682) (extinct 1967) Prince Dimitri Alexeivich Dolgoruky (c1610-1674) Prince Vladimir Dimitriev Dolgoruky (c1640-1701) Prince Mikhail Vladimirovich Dolgoruky (c1670-1704) Prince Vassily Mikhailovich Dolgoruky (c1702-1782) Prince Vassily Vassilievich Dolgoruky (1752-1812) (Lt General) Hereditary Commander

m. 1786 Ekaterina Feodorovna Dolgoruky (1769-1849) Prince Vassily Vassilievich Dolgoruky (1787-1858) Hereditary Commander Prince Vassily Vassilievich Dolgoruky (c1818-?) Prince Sergei Vassilievich Dolgoruky (1820-1853) Prince Nikolai Vassilievich Dolgoruky (1789-1872) Hereditary Commander Prince Dimitri Nikolaievich Dolgoruky (1827-1853) Prince Nikolai Dimitriev Dolgoruky (1857-?) Hereditary Commander [extinct]