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21 Feb 2011 A new complete database created on GeneaNet is now available in addition to the existing databases. Go to Databases or direct to Geneanet.
16 Feb 2011 New publications will be found on Home Page.
  4 Jun 2010 A privilegium of the Senate of Messina on 28th August 1792 confirming the title of Patrician granted to Mariano Testaferrata on 20th December 1553 and all his descendants. The full Latin text is quoted with an English translation. See Patricians of Messina - Privilegium of the Senate of Messina
16 Oct 2009 The article The Lost Villages of Malta has been updated with evidence of troglodite marriages at the Cathedral, Mdina.
23 Aug 2008 The Complete Database in Databases has been updated.
15 Mar 2008 The Heraldic Dictionary has been updated with with over 300 images of the Cross. They are spread over 9 pages to make downloading less time consuming but a broadband connection might be useful.
12 Mar 2008

Frà Matthew Festing was elected 79th Grandmaster of SMOM on 11March 2008 in succession to the late Frà Andrew Bertie.  More details on the OSJ site

  8 Feb 2008 It is with deep regret that we record the death of HMEH Frà Andrew Bertie, 78th Grandmaster of SMOM. Go to his Funeral Achievement
20 Nov 2007 Malta had some 80 villages which disappeared over the centuries. Some of their names occur in parish records and notarial deeds and the villages are listed in Historical Documents under the Lost Villages of Malta.
  9 Nov 2007 Additions (Giovanni CILIA LA CORTE b. Abt 1809 and descendants) to The Cilia Family, Cilia [one name] and de la Court de la Berthonnière  
  6 Nov 2007 Copies of some of the original certificates used to authenticate the genealogical information are listed in Historical Documents under Certificates. These take the form mainly of certificates issued by the various parishes, photocopies of the original entry in parish registers and photocopies of summaries of notarial deeds.
 21 Oct 2007 The Sole Heirs to the Romanov Dynasty is published on the Order of St John site.
 28 Jul  2007 The street names of Valletta as known during the time of the Knights of St John and the French occupation may be found on the Order of St John page.
  1 Jan  2007 The question whether the Senate of Messina may be regarded as a fons honorum is argued in Messina and its connection with the Maltese Nobility.
27 Oct 2006 A translation of  nobiliary titles into various European languages is now included in the Nobility page.
13 Oct 2006 The Bagration family is synonymous with the kingdom of Georgia. Its genealogy found on the Order of St John site provides conclusive evidence that the marriage between Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich, de jure Emperor of Russia and Leonida Princess Bagration of Mukhrani is an equal marriage in conformity with the Russian Imperial Succession Laws demonstrating that Princess Leonida is directly descended through the senior male line from the 15th century kings of Georgia.
  5 Oct 2006

The genealogy of some of the Hereditary Commanders of the Russian Grand Priory with tables showing how the title passed from one generation to the next can be found on Hereditary Commanders' Genealogy. The sparse details of Russian genealogy available to the western world at present leave several gaps in this project which I hope will be resolved through ongoing research. This research will be greatly assisted by anyone who has access to family archives, particularly if supported by documentary evidence. Any corrections  or suggestions will also be gratefully accepted.

22 Sep 2006 The Hereditary Commanders Site has been revamped and now includes the Beketov, Chirikov, Khilkov, Odoevsky and Samoilov arms. Amendments have also been made to the arms of Bariatinsky and Buturlin.
14 Sep 2006 Coats-of-arms added to Blazon for d'Amboise, Chasteigner,  Chausseraye, Gourville,  Hérisson, Liniers and de Meillé 
 27 Jul 2006 A list of  English, Scottish and Irish knights belonging to the Langue of England at and after the time of the dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry VIII will be found, with available biographical details, on The last Knights of the English Langue
 23 Jul 2006 A series of letters, mostly written after the suppression of the English Langue, by British monarchs to the Grandmasters of the Order of St John are reproduced on Letters from British Monarchs
10 Mar 2006 The descendants table of Paul I, Emperor of all the Russias has been colour coded for ease of reference. Go to the Order of St John site.
 24 Feb 2006 Alliata and Stagno added to One-Name tables.
19 Feb 2006

The Genealogical Tables site has been split into two. One gives Lines of Descent tracing the links to or various lines of descent from a particular person or family.  The other gives One-Name tables restricted solely to the descendants bearing the same surname.

26 Nov 2005 Illustrations from the Guillaume Caoursin Manuscript of Rhodes and the 1480 Siege  available on the Order of St John site.
16 Nov 2005 A new genealogical table featuring Portraits of Russian Emperors and Heirs Apparent to the Russian Throne may be found on the Order of St John site.
14 Nov 2005 The descendants of Paul I, Emperor of all the Russias has been added to the Order of St John site.
11 Nov 2005 The Chérémetev arms have been added to the Hereditary Commanders site
 7 Nov 2005 Engravings of the Great Siege of Malta of 1565 may be seen on The Order of St John page  
20 Oct 2005 Portraits  of the Grandmasters of the Order of St John up to the 1565 Siege engraved by Antonio Lucini in 1631 have now been included on the Grandmasters site.
20 Oct 2005

The Order of St John - A Genealogical Table
Genealogical tables were devised to shown the lineage of a person but there is no reason why they cannot be applied to organisations in order to show their origins and development. Few organisations are more amenable to the genealogical treatment than the Order of St John of Jerusalem or, as it also known, the Order of Malta. Its birth in Jerusalem more than 900 years ago and its development as it moved from the Holy Land to Cyprus, Rhodes, Malta, St Petersburg and Rome can be seen at a glance when presented in genealogical form.
A confusing picture of the Order emerged following its expulsion from Malta in 1798 with a proliferation of spurious "Orders of St John". By applying the principles of genealogy to the Order of St John, it is possible to show in the clearest and simplest way the descent of the present day branches and how they are linked to the Order founded by the Blessed Gerard.
Go to The Order of St John - A Genealogical Table

30 Sep 2005

The coats of arms of the Grandmasters of the Order of St John appear on a new page. By clicking on the icon a larger image will appear together with more images and historical information. Go to Order of St John

 26 Apr 2005 A complete list of  Notaries  exercising in Malta between 1485 and 1982 may be found under  Genealogical Sites
26 Mar 2005 A new heraldic site reproduces the coats of arms of the Hereditary Commanders of the Russian Grand Priory of the Order of St John.
 12 Feb 2005 More additions to Databases
   6 Jan 2005 Several additions and some amendments to Databases
21 Dec 2004 Databases reviewed and updated.
A French timeline is now included under Historical Documents
  2 Dec 2004 To place genealogy in its historical perspective, a timeline appears under Historical Documents, the first covering Italy during the 14th and 15th centuries. Historical maps to complement the timelines also appear under Historical Documents. 
27 Nov 2004 Several additions to Databases
17 Nov 2004 More updates to Databases
  1 Nov 2004 Databases updated and original documents are in the process of reproduction, initially in Heraldic Tables  specifically Jacques de la Court, Seigneur de la Berthonnière and Federico II, King of Sicily.
26 Oct 2004 Genealogy of the Zammit Tabona family updated. See Genealogical Tables and Databases
30 Jun 2004  A Brief History of Heraldry has been added.
29 Jun 2004 This website has been redesigned to enable quicker downloading and accessibility.

17 Jun 2004           

Copies of the original documents  relating to various genealogical tables are in the process of being placed on the website. The first to appear may be accessed in the  Heraldic Tables under Federico II

10 Jun 2004  

"An Illustrated Dictionary of Heraldry" has been added to the site for general interest, as an aid to the interpretation of  the coats of arms on the Blazon page and also to help those who wish to draw their own coats of arms. Go to Dictionary
The format of the dictionary is such that, although compiled alphabethically, it contains sections illustrating specific items such as Ordinaries, Attitudes, Tinctures, Monsters and Mythical Creatures, Armour, etc. Groups of  charges, whether illustrations or descriptions, can thus be seen together on one page for ease of reference.
Still at the construction stage, work on the dictionary continues with the ultimate aim to illustrate every item wherever possible in a clean GIF form. These images, which may be freely downloaded as a service to readers of these pages, may be adapted appropriately for inclusion in the construction of one's coat of arms.
Contributions and suggestions are welcome.    

18 Mar 2004 Genealogy of the Zammit Tabona family now in html form. See Genealogical Tables and Databases
  7 Nov 2003 The Blazon page has been updated to include the blazon or heraldic description of the coats of arms
   4 Jan 2004 More coats of arms on theBlazon page    
 2 Nov  2003 More coats of arms on the Blazon page
10 Oct 2003

You can search a specific name by clicking the Name Search button. This will bring you to the Google Search Engine. To find a name on this website, please ensure that you tick the "Search cilialacorte.com" button.

30 Sep 2003 We regret to announce the death of Monsieur Th. Rabaoum Bourdin and offer our heartfelt condolences to his widow and family. RIP
25 Sep 2003 A number of the coats of arms belonging to some of the families on this site can be viewed on the new Blazon page
12 Sep 2003 Genealogy of the Zammit Tabona family. See Genealogical Tables and Databases
The bulk of the information contained in the Zammit Tabona genealogy was initially provided by Kenneth Zammit Tabona supplemented by Alistair Redler. Further information was volunteered by various members of the family who are all listed in the Sources section and I wish to thank all who have contributed. As most dates were provided by close members of the family, they are assumed correct although I have not seen any certificates. Where no dates have been provided, estimated dates of birth have been inserted. These are qualified by the word "circa" and will be amended once the correct dates are forthcoming.
24 Feb 2003   Heraldic  table of the descendants of Jacques de la Court. See Heraldic Tables  
  9 Feb 2003 History and genealogical table of the Seigneurs de la Berthonnière with grateful acknowledgement to the distinguished French historian and genealogist, Monsieur Th. Rabaoum Bourdin. See Genealogical Tables
  9 Dec 2002 More Heraldic Tables  

  9 Sep 2002

Databases   updated
20 Aug 2002   Popes & Prophets. See Genealogical Tables
Some vital information included on this page was acquired during a recent visit I made to the Archivio di Stato, Messina. I wish to acknowledge with deepest thanks the assistance given me by the Director, Dottoressa Alibrandi and her staff, in particular, Signor Pasquale Orlando, who went out of his way to obtain some valuable details for me.

12 Jul  2002                                                                

An example (with English translation) of the proofs of nobility required by the Order  of  St John in the XVI Century. It contains the entire text of a Grand Priory of Aquitaine document dated 1547 in the Archives of the Order at the National Library of Malta. See Historical Documents

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