No. 18b

My Cousin,

We received with much satisfaction your obliging letter of the 4th of April, from which, besides the esteem and regard which you profess for our youthful Fitz James, we observe with pleasure the zeal you evince to gratify our wish as expressed on a previous occasion. For this reason we feel obliged and anxious on all accounts to testify our gratitude towards you. This we do with all the sincerity of a heart zealous in the cause of religion, and particularly for the glory of your illustrious Order, to the aggrandisement of which we shall ever have infinite pleasure in contributing.

And in order that our son may be a subject worthy of serving God, and His holy Church, in the dignity of Grand Prior of England, which you are willing to confer upon him, we will not allow him to lose, any more time, though he be actually engaged in a campaign both active and dangerous against our rebellious subjects who are the enemies of religion, but forward the attestation, which our holy father has had the goodness to send in his favour. For the rest, and for the success of our affairs, we recommend ourselves to the prayers and good wishes of all your Order, and pray God that He will have you in His holy keeping.

Given in our court, at the Castle of Dublin,

The 13th of July, A. D. 1689.

Your affectionate Cousin,


To my Cousin,

The Grand Master of St. John of Jerusalem, at Malta.


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