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Maurice de Pagnac
Mauricius Pagnacensis
Tenure 1317-1322 (elected by the knights in Rhodes who had illegally deposed the Grandmaster. He was not recognised by the Pope)
Nationality French
Langue ?
Birth ?
Death 1322

Though Maurice de Pagnac was never officially recognised as a Grandmaster, he is included here for historical interest since he was elected, if in dubious circumstances, and, according to d'Avity, was de facto Grandmaster until his death in 1322.

Grandmaster Foulques de Villaret had been elected in 1308 but illegally deposed in 1317. The knights in Rhodes elected Maurice de Pagnac as Grandmaster but his election was opposed by the Pope, who appointed Gerard de Pins as Vicar. On the death of de Pagnac in 1322, Villaret was briefly reinstated but the knights maintained their opposition by electing Hélion de Villeneuve and Villaret finally abdicated in 1323.

Free translation from d'Avity:
In 1312 and 1314 the Knights of Rhodes took the island of Caria and