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Genealogical Sites

The following site is recommended for professional genealogical research in Malta:



Some of the more important non-commercial genealogical sites are listed here.

                                                  Cyndis List

                                                  Genealogie delle dinastie italiane by Davide Shamà and Andrea Dominici Battelli

                                                  Genealogy.eu by Miroslav MAREK

                                                  Genroy by André Decloitre

                                                  Paul Theroff's Royal Genealogy Site

                                                  Italian  Titles of Nobility and Genealogy   

                                                  José Verheecke's Genealogical Site

                                                  Malta Genealogy.com by Charles Said Vassallo

                                                 Messina and its connection with the Maltese Nobility    

                                                 Maltesenobility.org - a website dedicated to the history of Maltese Noble families and Nobility in Malta

                                                  Notarial List - Malta

                                                    The Order of St John - A Genealogical Table

                                                  The Society of Genealogists