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By G. Andrews Moriarty, AM LLB FASG FSA
of Ogunquit, Maine

[Copied from THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST, October 1944  V. 21  No. 2   Pages 111 - 113]

    In his review of “The Falaise Roll” in The AMERICAN GENEALOGIST, July 1939 (pp. 56-63), this writer pointed out that a list of the tenants who can actually be proved to have been present at the Battle of Hastings is a very small one and must be based upon the named figures in the Bayeux Tapestry and upon William of Poictiers and Guy of Amiens, and the naming of certain persons by Orderic Vitalis, about whom he may be presumed to have had special knowledge. He further stated that the names recorded in the Roman de Rou of Robert Wace, the Battle Abbey Roll and its derivatives, the Dives Roll and the Falaise Roll cannot be accepted as proof of a man’s presence at the battle. He further pointed out that from certain other evidence a second list might be compiled of persons who were most probably present and expressed the hope that such lists would be compiled at some future dale.

    It is very gratifying to be able to state that two such lists have at last been compiled by Prof. David Douglas and have been printed in an English Periodical called “History” for September 1943 (pp. 129-147) and it is a matter of satisfaction to note that Prof. Douglas has, quite independently, worked along the lines suggested in the review. The first list of those whose presence at the battle is assured, and which is in all probability final, consists of twenty-seven names. The second list of those who were probably present is based upon charter evidence, i.e., those who attested Duke William’s charters under circumstances which renders it most probable that they took part in the expedition. This writer was pleased to note that among these names Prof. Douglas lists Pons and suggests that he may be the progenitor of the Cliffords, as was suggested in the aforementioned review and still earlier in a note in the Genealogical Department of the "Boston Transcript". Prof. Douglas points out that his second list will probably be enlarged after an intensive and critical study has been made of the Norman charters, a thing which has not yet been done.

    As these lists of Prof. Douglas are based upon evidence, which, to this writer, seems conclusive it seems well to place them before the American genealogical public, as ones upon which there may he complete reliance.

    List of those who were certainly at Hastings:   (* indicates those from whom descent can be traced.)

* Eustace Count of Boulogne
* Robert Count of Mortain
* WilIiam, son of Count Richard of Evreux
* Geoffrey, son of Rotrou, Count of Mortagne anti Perche
 Odo, Bishop of Bayeux
 Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutances
* William fitz Osbern
* Aimeri, Vicomte de Thouars, the Poictivin
* Walter Giffard
* Ralf de Toeni (de Tosny)
* Hugh de Montfort
* Hugh de Grantmesnil (de Grandmesnil)
* William de Warenne
* Robert, son of Roger de Beaumont
* William Malet
 Gulbert d’Affray
 Robert de Vitot
* Engenulf de 1’Aigle 
 Gerelmus de Panileuse 
(*?) Robert fitz Ernis 
 Roger, son of Turold 
 Turstin, son of Rou 
 Erchembald, son of Erchembald the Vicomte 
* Wadard
 A member of the house of Ponthieu (“Pontivi nobilis haeres”). Perhaps Count Gui I.

    List of those witnessing Norman charters under circumstances which render it most probable that they accompanied time expedition:

* Gerald the Seneschal (grandfather of William de Roumare) 
* Rodulf the Chamberlain (? de Tancarville)
 Hugh d’Ivry, the Pincerna 
* Richard fitz Gilbert (de Clare)
* Pons

    In addition to these the following, who witnessed Duke William’s charter made at Caen on 17 June 1066 (Gall. Christ. XI, Instr. col. 59), were, I think, most probably at Hastings:

* Richard the Vicomte of the Avranchin (father of Hugh Lupus) 
* Ranulf the Vicomte of the Bessin
* Ralf Tesson 
* Fulk d’Aunou 

*  Those from whom descent can be traced.

[Copied from THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST, October 1944  V. 21  No. 2   Pages 111 - 113]

Original will be found on the Sewell Genealogy Site at http://www.robertsewell.ca/conquest.html#companions